Girl Talk with Mandy and Molly

By Mandy | In Uncategorized | on April 17, 2015

When you come in on Saturday to register for Paris to Ancaster and pick up your numbers stay for the coffee and conversation! We’re hosting an informal session where you can get to know other women who are riding and racing P2A and talk about all things cycling-related. P2A and cycling industry veterans Mandy Dreyer and Molly Hurford will be leading this discussion, and no topic is too big, too small or too taboo to be covered. Want to talk about women’s bikes? Check. Race strategy? Sure. Eating on the bike? Of course. Racing when you have your period? Yep, that too. If you have any questions, or even if you’re just hoping to meet a few of the women you’ll be starting with (and maybe find a ride buddy!), come hang out in our ladies-only session. Cycling-world-famous Domestique coffee and light snacks will be provided.

Who: Women interested in feeling more comfortable with riding
(does not have to be a Paris to Ancaster participant)
When: Saturday April 25th, 1pm – 2pm
Where: Morgan Firestone arena – Registration
Cost: Free!

– Why race Paris 2 Ancaster?
– Are you nervous about racing? Why?
– Rest and recovery – learning to balance.
– Problems with racing/riding in the past?
– Are you ready for the race as far as fuel/nutrition/things like changing a flat?
– Basic hygiene on the bike: take off chamois ASAP, tampons vs. pads
– What is a saddle sore? How to treat
– Chamois choice, chamois cream, and saddle choice
– Why learning to ride / have a proper fitting bike is so important to comfort/efficiency

Molly Hurford
When not writing about bikes and bike racing, Molly Hurford can typically be found out on the trails or the road, riding, running or yoga-ing. As a writer-at-large at Bicycling Magazine, there isn’t a topic in cycling that she hasn’t covered, from her initial obsession with cyclocross to women’s issues on the bike to the quirky/celebrity bike beat. She’s also the author of “Saddle, Sore: A Women-Only Guide to You and Your Bike,” a book that covers every awkward question you could possibly ask. A recovering triathlete, Molly has gone from Ironman to cyclocross junkie to marathoner and back to triathlon again with Xterra racing when not doing rad rides like Paris to Ancaster, and the bike is always her favorite part.

Mandy Dreyer
Mandy Dreyer is an active part of the local (Hamilton / Dundas) cycling community. She has raced mountain bike / cyclocross for 10 years on provincial, national and world cup circuit. Mandy has had many podium finishes throughout her career including 2 x winner of the Paris to Ancaster. Professionally she can be found at Kinetic Sports Therapy where she works with the local active population as a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) and Active Release Techniques (ART) practitioner.

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