9 Ways to Make Running More Fun

By Mandy | In Exercise Tips | on April 4, 2014

Mud Hero is an event for those who want to get down and dirty and have some FUN! Mandy Dreyer of Kinetic Sports Therapy has put together these 9 ways you can max out the fun-o-meter with your next run:

1. Run with new Music

A great list of your favorite tunes will help you get in the “zone” and look forward to your run. Keep it fresh, new music can help rekindle the love for running.


2. Explore new routes – trails, track, hills

Running the same route can help track progress, but may eventually get boring and monotonous. Change it up, use the gift of fitness to explore new neighborhoods, forests or cities.

Map my Run is a great tool to look for new routes and map out distance, time and speed.


3. Intervals – variations

By adding speed or hill intervals to your routine, you will help prepare your body for all types of terrain. This not only prevents mental burnout but also helps avoid injury by training different muscle fibers and energy systems.

Intervals don’t always have to be high intensity: Couch to 5K is and interval based program that mixes up walking and running.

Once you have a good running base, you can add some high intensity interval training (HIIT) or Fartlek intervals. Stay tuned for next week’s article on interval training.


4. Play follow the leader:

This s a fun form of intervals that will make you feel like a kid again!

In a small group (3 – 5 people) each runner gets 6 minutes to be the “leader” and the others have to follow them every step of the way. Take 4 minutes to walk, jog or run lightly to recover, then switch leaders.

Find obstacles to run over and under, run up stairs, down steep hills, around a tree or even through a play ground. You can do this in a forest, in the city, on campus or wherever you like. Change the location every week to keep it interesting!


5. Run with others – social event

We all look forward to “girls night out” or “guys night” arrange a social group to run with for at least one of your regular runs. Reward yourself with a post run drink (of water of course) at your local pub.
Make it an event you look forward to each week. Even come up with a fun group name, start a facebook page to communicate with each other and stay connected throughout the week. This provides a platform to arrange special events as a group!


6. Take time to rest and recover.

A wise man once told me, “its better to be 10% undertrained than 1% overtrained”
Sometimes the best way to stay interested is to not burn out! If you overtrain you will not enjoy the sport of running and it can become a chore. Take time to get adequate rest, eat good whole foods, stay hydrated and focus on quality and quantity of sleep.


7. Reward yourself

coffee, piece of dark chocolate, glass of wine it doesn’t have to be food, but find something you really enjoy and reward yourself for a great workout!


8. Make running ‘peaceful”

Meditate when you run, take time to reflect, create “me” time, pray or just enjoy the quiet time.


9. Become a running superhero

Create a superhero persona complete with name, attitude, goal, theme song and optional costume. When it’s time to run be that character…go crazy! you don’t have to tell anyone..


Are you a Spartan, a Warrior, an Assassin, or Superman? Check out ComicVine for some superhero ideas! Then…Show off your Super-heroism at MUD HERO 2012

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